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Cuboids densify parking capacities vertically on rarely constructible plots enhancing the efficiency of urban mobility.


Avrio Parking identifies potential locations, evaluates feasibility, funds and controls Cuboids’ installation as well as it covers all further operations.


Urban Parking as a service

Avrio Parking offers commercial and operational opportunities to landlords. It is a sustainable tool to rededicate public space. Cuboids do not attract additional traffic into highly densified neighbourhoods as common multi-storey car parks. They provide a decentralized network for storing stationary traffic off-street.

Avrio Parking offers promising co-location opportunities especially for retail-, hospitality- and petroleum-related properties, serving demand for near-by parking capacities. Avrio Parking assures a reliable cooperation with landlords of suitable locations as well as a regular dialogue with municipalities. We were able to establish several corresponding partnerships, including renowned retail and petroleum brands. Avrio Parking is a joint-venture by Oaktree Capital and Owlsgrove Capital.