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We create convenient parking capacities by relieving public space.

Avrio Parking develops and operates a European network of innovative and efficient multi-storey car parks for residents and commercial users.


We call them Cuboids.

Cuboids utilise urban space currently dedicated to stationary traffic by vertically densifying parking capacities. This enhances opportunities to redevelop those areas.


Due to urban space’s scarcity Avrio Parking focus on managing its parking capacities efficiently.

Our semi-automatic system does not offer fixed individual parking lots, but guarantees available capacities as requested.

Users may satisfy their regular demand by renting long term capacities as well as they may book spontaneously available short term capacities currently not used by other occupants.

Cuboid parking space is barrier-free and safe as there is no traffic. Loading and unloading vehicles is very easy as especially prams and wheelchairs can be assembled calmly.

There is continuous surveillance on all parking levels. Cuboids can be equipped with charging stations supporting e-mobility and easily accessible bicycle racks. Roof top is available for additional usage, e.g. for urban gardening concepts.