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The minimum size of a suitable plot is 10m x 22m requiring accessibility by car. The number of parking levels can vary. Cuboids are installed without extensive underground engineering and surface sealing.

The ecologically advantageous and flexible architecture offers a convenient parking experience, while serving local requirements towards urban planning and traffic policy.

We are utilising prefabricated concrete elements as well as an architecturally significant wire mesh façade reducing light emissions and noise. The structural work requires only up to two weeks. The facade can be supplemented by vertical gardens.

Cuboids utilise urban space currently dedicated to stationary traffic by vertically densifying parking capacities. This enhances opportunities to redevelop those areas.

Wire Mesh Facade

wire mesh reduces light and noise emissions, serves as fall protection, offers an architectural significant combination of reflection and transparency

Prefabricated Concrete Elements

prefabricated concrete elements lead to modular design ensuring both flexibility in width and heights as well as structural stability

Vertical Garden

partial facade greening as an architectonical Element providing an ecological effect and improving quality of life in an urban neighbourhood

Coating and Marking

parking area, emergency paths and staircases are clearly marked, coatings protect precasted concrete elements from abrasion and other defects

Stainless Steel Surfaces

Other surfaces mainly made from sanitary and robust stainless steel, blending well with prefabricated concrete elements and wire mesh façade


illumination is dynamically managed by motion detectors and daylight sensors providing maximum efficiency the entire day

Fire Protection and Safety Equipment

Cuboids are connected to permanently manned place, equipped with video surveillance and offer convenient and reliable parking capacities

Column Load

Cuboid‘s exploitation and charging infrastructure by column load have been optimised to provide electric mobility in an urban context

Bicycle Rack

space-saving and secured bicycle racks in lower parking levels are accessible by elevators or ramps supplemented to staircases